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 [Appley] When you asked if your friends could stop by the house for lunch,
It would have been really nice to mention that they’re termites!


Rotten to
the Core

Appley was a young apple with a future full of promise and hope; until someone took a bite out of her and left her for dead. Now, this little zombie fruit girl has vowed to take revenge on the world! Her mutually messed up fruit friends are along for the ride.

Meet the gang

Appley Rotten
Zombie Art by Appley Rotten - Click here to see her horrific illustrations

Rotten News

Welcome to the Appley Rotten Website!

It's a rotten new day. Appley and the gang are hard at work making this site for all of you, so you better enjoy it. Or else. So, click around and start feeling rotten about life!


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